Screen Savvy Kids aims to maximize the benefits and minimize the potential risks related to media use through media literacy education. SSK offers workshops for kids, presentations for parents, and trainings for teachers to assist with the integration of media literacy tools and techniques into the curriculum based on national, state and district standards (including 21st Century Skills and Common Core State Standard Initiatives). Media literacy skills are crucial for success in the 21st century. By becoming media creators, Screen Savvy Kids (and adults) develop critical thinking and effective communication skills helping them to become more critical (not cynical) media consumers. Explore services, download worksheets, check out sample activities on the blog, and contact me anytime with questions or to learn more about raising screen savvy kids! Thanks for stopping by!



"You have great stage presence, have research info at your fingertips and have a very pleasant manner of interacting with the audience.  Feedback from the students was very positive."

~ Retired Elementary School Principal and Current College Professor

"My daughter and a few of her friends took part in a test group for the Screen Savvy Kid’s Ad Savvy interactive board game. The game helps kids to recognize different marketing ploys. My daughter and her friends had a great time playing the game together and seemed to know a lot of the logos and commercial ditties despite two of the three not having conventional T.V. in their homes. Just goes to show how powerful advertising really is!"

~ Parent of a 9 year old