developing Children's communication and critical thinking skills through media literacy education. 

SSK's mission is to maximize the benefits and minimize the potential for harm from children's screen time. We offer workshops and trainings for parents and children, and we assist teachers with the integration of media and digital literacy education into the curriculum based on national, state and district-wide standards (including 21st Century Skills and Common Core State Standard Initiatives). 

What is Media Literacy?

Children today face a barrage of media - from blatant television commercials and subtle product placement to the internet they carry in their pockets.  While television, the computer, and social media can bring unlimited potential for positive growth in a child's life, there is also the potential for negative impact. Heavy media use has been linked to several health-related issues including smoking, aggressive behavior, and a rush to sexual maturity. In addition, rapidly-changing communication technologies are creating new marketing platforms that target even the youngest child consumers in ways that have never been seen before.

Creating media gives children the opportunity to compose their own messages using a combination of texts, sounds, images, and motion. When children understand how messages are constructed, they can begin to ask critical questions about the messages they receive through media everyday. Media literacy education gets kids thinking... "Who created this message and why?"  Was this message designed to inform, entertain, and/or persuade me to take some kind of action? Screen Savvy Kids develop critical cognitive and social skills that are essential to living a fulfilling and successful life (both on and off the screen) in the 21st Century. 

What does it mean to be a Screen Savvy Kid?

At Screen Savvy Kids, children are creators of media. Designing a webpage, making a video, or creating a stop-motion animation allows children to develop critical thinking and effective communication skills in a variety of media environments. 

At SSK, we believe media literacy skills are crucial for children’s success in the 21st century, and hope we can help bring about greater media literacy skill development for children and adults alike.  Contact us to learn more. 

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