Digital Storytelling for the Holidays

In this workshop children ages 6- to 9-years-old create their own digital stories about the holidays! The workshop focuses on developing students' communication and critical thinking skills, while exploring digital tools for creativity and self-expression. Students learn about internet safety by creating their own avatars and they are reminded about keeping personal information private when they share their stories and artwork on their blog. The samples below are from an after-school session provided at an elementary school in Central MA where students wrote about their family Christmas traditions. Online tools used during the workshop are also listed below. 

FREE Online Digital Tools

  • Kidblog - We used this site to create the class blog because of the administrative controls (such as the option for posts to be approved before they are visible and the ability to set up accounts for students without email accounts). Parents may set up an account to view their child's blog, as well.
  • Portrait Illustration Maker - There are several free online digital tools available for creating an avatar. This one worked well for us.
  • ABCya! Word Clouds for Kids - This is a great brainstorming tool for kids to generate ideas for stories. Kids really enjoy seeing their words in beautiful cloud arrangements.
  • Make-A-Flake: Kids really enjoy getting creative with this snow flake maker by Barkley Interactive.
  • Storybird: With this digital storytelling tool, a collection of artists’ illustrations inspires students to write their own story.

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