Jennifer Ladner, M.S. 
Communication and Media Specialist/Owner

Jennifer began studying media and communication 15 years ago. In addition to being an experienced photographer and videographer, Jennifer holds a Master's degree in Applied Communication from Fitchburg State University, where she works as an adjunct instructor in the Communication and Media Department. As an educator and small business owner, Jennifer is responsible for developing and delivering media literacy workshops and seminars for children and adults. Jennifer's corporate experience includes delivering workplace trainings on communication skills and teamwork. She has also appeared as a guest lecturer at local liberal arts colleges in Central Massachusetts delivering presentations on interpersonal communication skills and the children's media landscape.

Jessie Trowbridge, M.A. 
Child Development Specialist/Consultant 

Jessie holds a Master's Degree in Child Development from Tufts University's Eliot Pearson School of Child Development.  Her journey working with children began in the classroom with preschoolers and elementary school children, and has taken her into the non-profit world serving low-income children.  Jessie's work has also included conducting trainings for college students and adult learners to support their work with young children. 

While completing her Master's degree, Jessie contributed to research on the effects and content of children's media through the Children's Television Project at Tufts University. She also has a background in Sociology and Art, which fuels her interest in supporting children's development of media literacy skills.  She loves to see the exciting ways children interact with the world, and is excited to support their exploration and manipulation of the technology they use.