This is the place where you get to learn more about me! My passion for studying communication and media began when I was a freshman in college in the late '90s. It was then that I took my first children's media course, which at the time was called children's television (there were not a lot of other media designed for children at the time and video games weren't getting as much main stream attention as they do now). What surprised me was not how much I loved my communication and media classes, but the fact that these subjects had not been taught to me before I got to college. "Why isn't this being taught from elementary to high school?" I wondered. I spent the next four years working towards my B.S. in Communications/Media with a concentration in radio, television and film. Later, I went on to obtain a M.S. in Applied Communication determined to teach media literacy. I began working as an adjunct at a local university and continued to do so for several years before I began receiving invitations to discuss communication and media literacy as a guest lecturer at other local colleges. Shortly thereafter, I co-founded Screen Savvy Kids with the help of a friend and colleague. 

In addition to my education, I am also an experienced photographer and videographer (not to mention the four years I spent working in human resources where I gave presentations on communication skills and teamwork). Working at a photography studio gave me valuable, hands-on experience in the field. And now I get to share the resources, knowledge and skills that I have gained along the way with students (and adults) of all ages. It is my goal to help people develop more effective communication skills and better critical thinking skills while having fun creating media along the way!  

Thanks for stopping by and please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions!

Jennifer Ladner, M.S. 
Communications and Media Consultant and Owner of Screen Savvy Kids