Storytelling with Technology

Many people are both excited about the possibilities and concerned about the potential risk associated with screen time, especially in the lives of young children. Technology is not going away and we shouldn’t be hiding from it. At the same time, we do need to be mindful of when, where, why and how we are using tech tools so that we can maximize the benefits of these tools and minimize the potential risks. Storytelling with technology is one way to do just that. Raising Screen Savvy Kids starts with using the technology that you have available to you. You do not need the latest, most expensive gadget to use technology in meaningful ways. READ MORE...

My First Media Adventure

Spending several years working in a photography studio taught me a lot about capturing a moment and framing it with an artistic vision. But once I began handing cameras over to young children, I developed a new appreciation for perspective. If you have ever wondered what the world looks like through a child's eyes, you will enjoy this video that highlights some of the images that have been captured during Screen Savvy Kids' media adventures with young children. 

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A Balanced Approach to Raising Screen Savvy Kids

When making decisions about the role that technology plays in their children's (and their own) lives, it is important for parents to have support and guidance.

The following tips provide guidance for parents to make informed decisions about the role that media plays in shaping their family's lifestyle.

  • Raise awareness & lead by example.The very first step to becoming media literate is becoming more aware of how pervasive media is in our lives... READ MORE.
Digital Artists Club

When I first designed Digital Artists Club, I wanted to give students the opportunity to explore and evaluate a variety of digital tools while expressing their inner artists. I was thrilled to have the course run for the first time in 2014 at Worcester Think Tank. Each week, students delved into a different topic including: digital photography, logo creation, and stop-motion animation. Some of the photos captured from that first session are highlighted in this video. READ MORE...

Why Media Literacy is so Important for Children Today

Could you go 24 hours without the internet or your cell phone? Media and communication technologies play an important role in our daily lives, but many of us worry about the impact that it has on our children. Not only are we concerned with the amount of time children spend in front of a screen, but we are also concerned about the content they absorb. 

Media literacy allows children (and families) to become more aware of both intended and unintended media messages. Children learn to create and think critically about these media messages. These skills allow children to take control of the media that surrounds them, rather than letting it control them. Here are 10 reasons why media literacy should be on your radar. READ MORE...

Imagine, Design, Create: An Introduction to 3D Printing

This workshop was a collaboration between Screen Savvy Kids and Worcester Think Tank. Students were introduced to 3D printing with a focus on expressing one's self through the graphic design of original objects and logos. Using a media literacy framework designed to engage students' critical thinking and communication skills, classes frequently used storytelling and storyboarding to compliment objects and designs created. Students in the class were introduced to computer aided design (CAD), 2D and 3D perspective drawing, 3D printing methods, and basic geometric principles such as perimeter, area and volume.  READ MORE... 

Intro to Video Production: Creating a Public Service Announcement (PSA)
Intro to Video Production: My First Movie at Screen Savvy Kids Camp
Digital Storytelling for the Holidays

In this workshop children ages 6- to 9-years-old create their own digital stories about the holidays! The workshop focuses on developing students' communication and critical thinking skills, while exploring digital tools for creativity and self-expression. Students learn about internet safety by creating their own avatars and they are reminded about keeping personal information private when they share their stories and artwork on their blog. The samples provided in this blog post are from a workshop run during and after-school program at an elementary school in Central MA where students wrote about their family traditions. READ MORE...

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