Making decisions as a parent is never easy, and as technology advances, parents can feel overwhelmed as they try to create the best environment for their children.  Screen Savvy Kids can help parents make decisions that are best for their children and their families.  Check out our family workshop on Managing Media in the Home. We offer group workshops as well as individual consultations for parents with specific concerns. Contact us to learn more!

"I attended a workshop Jenn and Jessie held at our local library and as adults, it’s interesting what we think we know, [and how] we can always learn more.  I love the concept of Screen Savvy Kids. I want my children to know what they are being subjected to, and taking classes with Jessie and Jenn is such a fun and interesting way for the kids to learn about the negatives, and positives of the marketing game being played out in all of the media outlets available to us."

~Mom of two