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"My daughter and a few of her friends took part in a test group for the Screen Savvy Kid’s Ad Savvy interactive board game. The game helps kids to recognize different marketing ploys. My daughter and her friends had a great time playing the game together and seemed to know a lot of the logos and commercial ditties despite two of the three not having conventional T.V. in their homes. Just goes to show how powerful advertising really is!"

~ Parent of a 9 year old

AdSavvy Kids Board Game

$ 45.00 USD

AdSavvy Kids is a game designed to teach children ages 6-10 how to think critically about advertising and commercials.  AdSavvy Kids informs kids about techniques used in advertising, puts them in the role of advertisers, and encourages them to think twice before believing everything they see in commercials.

AdSavvy Kids stresses critical thinking and attention to detail, while playing into elementary school kids' creativity, vivid imaginations, and eagerness to learn.  In short, AdSavvy Kids teaches kids the secrets that advertisers don't want them to know!